Melissa Hoyle

The hairstylist behind Mae-v. Los Angeles based master stylist is now calling Charleston,SC home. You’ll find Melissa jet setting on rotation from East coast to West. Curating sought after haircuts bimonthly at Spoke&Weal, elite salon located in West Hollywood. Next up, Montana 6 days on set filming a lifestyle photoshoot where Melissa produces multiple looks on repeat. Visionary by nature Melissa has a refinement unmatched. Known for her ability to highlight and balance ones features while simultaneously aligning your personal style-aesthetic. Where Melissa’s heart explodes is marrying the 2 into one.

The art of combining personal one on one collaboration with a photoshoot vibe is Melissa’s definition of Bridal Styling. Elevating the bridal scene as she creates an experience that moves above the ordinary. Mastery on every level from the initial meet-cute via FaceTime to the main event where Melissa’s attention is centered on you from beginning to end & every step-photo along the way.



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